The giving of our time, treasure and talent back to God.


God is not just there on Sunday for you, are you just there on Sunday for Him? Where can you find more time to give back to God? An hour spent watching TV could be spent volunteering. Do you enjoy being outside? maybe you have an hour you could spend gardening for us? if you don’t like gardening there are plenty of other things that you can do.  Give us a call!


Tithing is the intentional setting aside of 10% of your income to give back to God. Maybe that seems like a lot, but look at it this way. God wants you to keep 90% and return to him 10% of what He has given you. Does your dollar really make a difference? Yes, every little bit adds up. You might think “What can one dollar do?”, but what if everybody just gave one extra dollar a week? What could that mean to St Paul’s? Here is another way to look at what your treasure can mean, think about it this way $80 equals six pizzas a year or one Starbucks coffee every week, that’s not much to give up is it?


Can you sing? Our choirs are always looking for new members, in fact all of our ministries are in constant need of volunteers.  Most of our ministries do not require special talent. That said, maybe there is something you are good at, would you be able to help us? We are sure that there is something that you can do?

Each and every one of us has our own unique gifts and talents, let’s share these wonderful gifts that God has given us.